Marketing Agent Of The Car Dealer Essay

1018 Words Aug 18th, 2015 null Page
There was an experience of the writer about an after sales service of a new car. Initially, the car was bought and it is registered with the ownership of the writer’s wife. During the administration process of the car document, the marketing agent of the car dealer pointed the writer to be the person who was eligible to take the car document if it has finished the administration process that could take about three months. After three months, the writer’s wife tried to check whether the car document was ready to be taken or not because there was no notification from the car dealer about the process status of the car document. Even though, the car dealer already promised to give information if there would be any problem about the car document administration process. In fact, the document had not finished yet and the staff of the car dealer suggested us to wait for one more week.
Finally, a week later, there was a notification from the marketing agent that the car document was ready to be taken. Without any further notification, the writer’s wife tried to take the car document at the car dealer. However, there was an unexpected event that the car document could not be taken by the writer’s wife as the legal owner of the car because the person who eligible to take the car document was the writer. Unfortunately, the writer was abroad at that time and there was no other option that was offered by the car dealer in order for the writer’s wife to get the car document. To shorten…

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