Essay on Managing Their Brand Strategies For The General Public

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Companies have the opportunity to promote their brand strategies to the general public. The general consumers can associate with certain brands that captivate them. I never cared about the way products were displayed because I was content with having any product. Eventually, I reached an age where I developed a critical thought process for my future purchases. There had to be products that had value, reliability, and honor in their history. Similarly, Optimum Nutrition has their signature line of products that are displayed with a high standard. Their product 100% whey protein is their Gold Standard that is used by several bodybuilders. Their products are considered to be the standard because it actually delivers 100% protein. The protein tub itself has a cylinder shaped figure and the word Whey in its front side. It definitely stands out in size and can easily be seen in a room. Optimum Nutrition is also known for being available at most major retailers such as Target, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Amazon. Customers will notice Optimum Nutrition sponsored athletes and news articles upon viewing their website. The advertisements both have a paragraph text that explains the importance of whey protein. Also, there are athletes who are physically fit that are represented for their physiques. The brand strategy utilized specific qualities that the consumer will use to associate the product.

First of all, companies will have their own combination of qualities in…

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