New Dawn Nutrition Case Study

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New Dawn Nutrition Protein Has 21% Of Protein and 1814% More Sugar Than Label Claims In FDA Tests. The topic is having business ethics and how one company failed by having no business ethics and the other company succeeds and still succeeding because of its great business ethic. New Dawn Nutrition has messed up and reputation they could possibly have and are probably going to end up getting shut down by the FDA and on the other hand Herbalife is only growing as a company they're only expanding in their business ethics are only getting better.
Discussion of successful company
Herbalife nutrition is a company that has been around for 39 going on 40 years and since day one that the company was created has been successful and profitable each year. The ethics of this company has surpassed not only
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New Dawn Nutrition has been practicing for business ethics because they are not just lying to the people that are consuming their products but they are potentially putting them at risk for diabetes. Proof from FDA testing has shown that these labels have been incorrect and not by a milligram or two or gram or two.
Here are some facts from the article on New Dawn Nutrition and the FDA findings.
“The Blueberry Pie had only 21% of the protein promised and 1814% more sugar than the label showed. That’s 6g of protein when the label claimed 24g, and the sugar content might as well have been a cup of powdered sugar!
The Cake Batter flavor had only 16% of the protein promised and 846% more sugar.
The Vanilla Milkshake had only 11% of the protein promised and 836% more sugar.”
This is just all-around bad business ethics because not only are you lying about what's in your products but you potentially causing hazardous health effects to the people taking their product which is going to you to shut down and

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