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Development of WHS Management Plans

COP | Code of Practice |
D&C | Design and Construction |
MSDS | Material Safety Data Sheet |
NUL | National Uniform Legislation |
NTG | Northern Territory Government |
PC | Principal Contractor |
PCBU | Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking |
PPE | Personal Protective Equipment |
SWMS | Safe Work Method Statements |
WHS | Work Health and Safety |
Practice and code

PCBU | A Person Conducts a Business or Undertaking whether:- Alone or with others- Is conducted for profit or gainIt includes partnership or an incorporated association.Note: Employer is captured under the definition of PCBU(Refer to Subdivision 2, Section 5 of the WHS Act 2011). |
PC |
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Developing a WHS Plan

A WHS Management Plan should demonstrate the integration of WHS requirements with
the project procedures, practices and safety management of the project.

DCI has prepared for PC use the, “WHS Management Plan Template document”
for preparing a WHS Management Plan
and evaluate the Plan against the “Evaluation Template
to determine whether a WHS Management Plan meets the minimum standard
of compliance requirements.
Both documents outline the relevant sections of the WHS Plan and the minimum
requirements to assist in meeting the intent of the WHS Regulations and the Construction
Work Code of Practice (COP).

The size and complexity of a WHS Management Plan will be relative to the size and
complexity of the project and particularly to the amount of high risk work being

According to clause 309 of the WHS Regulation 2011, the WHS Management Plan must
include, as minimum the following information:

a) names, positions and health and safety responsibilities of all persons involved with
the work whose roles involve…

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