Reflection On An Interview With Module 1 Assessment

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The interview with my coworker Leydiana and the Module 1 Assessment provided similar results. Leydiana and I have been coworkers for 2 years. We work closely on a small team together. She is was the perfect choice to help with this assignment, she knows me the best professionally. When it comes to competence I am able to achieve goals as well as set goals for others. I set realistic goals for myself and my team. Leydiana has provided examples of recent goals that I have set. One of the examples was a recent goal on the number of cases processed by myself with in a day. This goal was set to help encourage my team to increase the number of cases they processed a day. This goal was realistic and a goal that could be achieved by someone with …show more content…
According to the results of the Assessment I am able to achieve goals, but do not seem to take into consideration the emotional effect of others. This is an area where improvement is needed. Taking time to think about how others will react emotionally is something I will need practice on. Leydiana believe I am quick to complete a task with the group, but do not think how others are feeling emotionally. I need practice on understanding others nonverbal gestures. One aspect of emotional intelligence that I handle well is my ability to control my own emotions. I do not allow my emotions to make decisions for me or effect my decision process. I demonstrate restraint when it is time to …show more content…
There is need for improvement with my level of emotional intelligence. I have to recognize others emotions when it comes to my professional life. I need to be able to take their emotions into consideration. If my team feels their emotions are begin ignored they may not work as hard. Academically I can use improvement on my discussion responses. Making sure I take my classmates emotions into consideration before replying to their post is important. Letting them know I care about how they fell about the topic and not letting my own emotions get the best of my response. The same improvement can be out into place in my personal life.

One insight from this assignment that I learned is the link between my emotional intelligence and my mindfulness. I am mindful of those around me, but only after it is a noticeable situation. I do not think about the emotions of others when making decisions. I do not allow my emotions to take hold of the situation, but I ignore the emotions of others. Learning to detect the nonverbal behaviors of others is an area where I need improvement.
I now know that my level of competence is noticed by others. I am able to achieve goals set by myself as well as superiors. I have been doubtful in the past about reaching goals set by my employer. After review I noticed that I am able to reach these goals time and time again. Accomplishing goals in all relationships

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