Explain What Makes A Good Role Model

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1. What makes a good role model and how can I ensure that I act as a role model for employees I supervise?
There are many skills that help create a positive role model. To become a positive role model in an organisation is only minutely different than being a role model in a family, school or even sporting team. A good role model is someone who shows other employees to what level they need to hold their values and morals, how they should act and behave within a workplace as well as how to hold themselves in a professional manner. The qualities of a good role model differ from person to person, but people usually choose to look up to people who they see as being superior to themselves in either performance, stature or maturity. They will fell more drawn to people who display characteristics associated with confidence and intelligence. An example being that, new employees will often find themselves looking up to people leadership positions ranging from the owner of the company to the man who is often left in charge of important tasks.

2. What are the traits
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Meaning that they clearly express what you are trying to achieve, how long you have tom complete them and when they must be completed. You should always prioritise your tasks. If you have to sacrifice some quality from one of the tasks you are currently doing to tend to a responsibility that you have, then that is what you must do. You should never ignore any responsibilities that you have just because you can save some time that you may have needed for another less important task. Another way to ensure that you meet the requirements and responsibilities of your job is to take notes, or write them down. By writing your responsibilities down you are able to check up on and remind yourself of what they are, and which ones are more important than

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