Totally Foolproof Self Development Plan

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Seven Steps To A Totally Foolproof Self Development Plan

It's one thing to think or write about how you'd like to change yourself for the better, quite another to really put it into action. Here are seven foolproof ways to set your self development plan into action for true long-term success.

1. Put Your Goals On Paper

Identifying exactly what's going to improve yourself and your life is the first step toward getting there. Write down what you don't like and what you do like about you, your home, career, finances, relationships, weight and so on. After studying your list for a while, narrow it down to specific goals you want to reach.

2. Set Exact Priorities In Your Life

There will be many things trying to get in your way as you proceed with
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Place Deadlines On Your Self Development Plan

If you don't give yourself deadlines to aim for, you're simply daydreaming. Mark certain dates on the calendar, being reasonable, and try to accomplish something specific by that day. Don't be unrealistic, or you risk discouraging yourself if you don't make it, but don't let yourself slack off, either.

4. Identify Your Strong Points

People are naturally better at some things than others, but because you're in the process of improving, you need to provide yourself with encouragement and an advantage. Identify what you're good at, such as organizing, lifting others or seeing opportunity where others don't. Lean on this list of attributes whenever you're feeling discouraged or when something has got you convinced that you can't succeed.

5. Acknowledge Your Weak Points

Without criticizing yourself, be aware of potential shortcomings which could possibly derail your plan. Just look at them as minor challenges to overcome, so that you can meet your intended goals. As you progress, you might even be able to turn some of your personal negatives into absolute positives, because changing yourself for the better is a strong motivational factor.

6. Add To Your Current Skill

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