Essay about Is This Move Really Necessary?

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Is this move really necessary?

One day we get a strange call, my sister picks it up and it’s from are favorite uncle handsome. As kids we never thought anything about it. We always had aunts and uncles calling the house to talk to our mom or dad. This one phone call was one that would change each of our lives forever. We never knew that it was coming, and wonder why this move would be so important and what we can learn from the move.

What I really remember about this call from uncle handsome was that he was just a normal conversation between the both of them. The one thing that was odd about this conversation is he was asking my dad about his finances and supporting the family. A couple of weeks later the same uncle called back and talk to my dad and did an over the phone interview. Dad had no idea what was going on until half way thru the conversation. My parents were very willing to let each of us girls know what was going on and they told us that they would keep us informed. I knew being the oldest child that my parents were having a hard time making ends meet. So this call was more than likely a call that they were not expecting but knew that it needed to happen.
The call came in and the next thing my parents did is have the all of us pray about it and come back with the following Sunday with our answers. So we did what was asked and some or most of us came that Sunday and that we didn’t have an answer. So my father, the wise man that he is, asked each of…

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