Jeelous, By Stephen King

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It was the darkest of days. Stephen King would have nightmares about something like this. There was no biblical term to describe how devastatingly catastrophic this was. Armageddon would be a paper cut compared to this. It’s something no little boy should ever have to go through. It was the day my mother said those dreadful words: “You’re gonna have a little sister.”
I could almost hear the music from Psycho playing. I thought it was a joke; it must have been. My mom had enough on her plate with three kids. Why would she want another one? This just meant more money for her to spend and less time with the rest of us. Jealous? Me? How absurd! I’m just considering the well-being of my parents. That’s all.
We had just moved from New York to North
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The moment we’ve all been waiting for. I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, full of mixed feelings. Should I be nervous? Should I be excited? Was I ready for my life to be completely altered? It was questions like these that made my heart beat further and further out of my chest. I didn’t think it was possible to have anxiety at five years old. What if she becomes this menacing plague on our family or takes all my parents’ love and affection? What if these means I’m grown up? No more toys under the Christmas tree or eggs hidden for me to find on Easter morning. Then I did something I didn’t do much of as a child: I prayed. I prayed that this would be the start of a beautiful future. That she would make me honored to call her my sister. That we would not only become siblings, but best friends. It was almost two hours later before I saw my father walk through those double doors and proceed to me and my brothers. He gestured his hand to let us know that we can go back. My heart pounded harder with each step I took walking towards the room where I will meet a baby that will change my life forever. Steps away from the door and I hear my mother soothing my sister with her voice for the very first time. The sun shining through the window and out the door made it seem as if a holy event was taking place …show more content…
I saw my sister as annoying and selfish, but when I was with her, I was annoying and selfish. I would critique every small thing she did. I would call her names, you know, the generic big brother experience. I would always put myself before her. I would mock her voice and push her around. Here I was expecting a great little sister when I couldn’t be a great big brother. That was the essential rule to being a brother, especially to a sister. My sister looks up to me, she mirrors my personality, my interests, my attitude. What kind of message am I sending treating her this way? To have the best little sister I need to be the best big brother. That’s just one of those things you learn on your

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