Thanksgiving Reflection

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This film involves a daughter that is the black sheep of her family but is having her whole family over for Thanksgiving in New York City. One of April challenges is that she doesn’t know how to cook. The mother Joy has cancer and is dying and is trying to re-connect with her daughter April. Which seem’s to be weight on her chest since she has never had a good connection with her oldest daughter? This family dynamic is complicated in the way that they all have a different way’s in coping how their mother illness. I , too, have had an encounter like April with my own Thanksgiving dinner. I Thought at the time: how hard could making dinner for Thanksgiving really be. What a surprise I was in for. As if making dinner for your whole family isn …show more content…
I can relate to April. I never saw this film until yesterday and I went home, called my husband and told him about this film. November 27, 2015,4.30pm, One of my biggest fears in life and that was thanksgiving. September 12,2015. Myself and my husband received terrible news his ex-girlfriend has been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. Leaving their three-month year old baby girl without A mother. We rushed to Georgia to pick up the baby from her grandparent house. By being married, we took full custody of baby Penelope. And at that moment, I became a mother I lost every bit of selfishness. My whole world now revolved on raising my daughter. She was beautiful and we all fell in love with her. I wanted to be the best mom I could possibly be. My husbands SSGT in the Marines wasn’t given allot of time off I had to put my plans on hold. Time flew by and Thanksgiving was around the corner. My family wanted to visit and meet our daughter and have thanksgiving together. My husband family also wanted visit and have Thanksgiving. So agreed to have Thanksgiving in our home we have room it’ll be nice. So having my family fly in from California, and my husband, family drive from Louisiana it was pretty hectic around the home. Having an infant that needed my full attention, although having to cook a big meal that could feed all of our family was more than we can handle. Then again we wanted Thanksgiving in our home. My husband went to pick up my family from Savannah, Georgia Airport while, I waited for his family to arrive. While also making Thanksgiving dinner, as well as cooking three turkeys which are being fried. And two big ham in the oven while also making appetizers while, having a baby. Its was more than I could chew. I was determined on making Thanksgiving

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