Descriptive Essay About My New Home

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I opened my eyes from my sleep, trying to sit up. When I turned to my right I saw the car window and with that, I saw beautiful landscapes through the window.

The memories of yesterday came to my mind as I remembered my mother's words clearly. "Your father found a new job at the city, therefore, we were thought that it might be better to relocate and that you can attend to a formal and private school near our new home and near your father's job". I was afraid of the thought of relocating and attended to a new school in a new but unknown place for me. Though I was not concerned with the fact of having friends because for me it was difficult to relate to people. Consequently, making me shy and timid when it comes to people. However since is
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My new home was modern compared to the old one; there were five rooms and three bathrooms, the kitchen was huge and there were more equipment for cooking, there were two living rooms, and you could smell in the air the scent of plants in the atmosphere just to make the house to feel more like a "home". In the living room, there was a new grand piano waiting to be played, it was equipped with its music sheets. At the backyard of the house, there was a small garden with a small fountain and diverse types of flowers that make the garden more colorful. Suddenly something snapped out of my thoughts. "Levy, darling, please hurry up and get your things. Today is your first day at school and you need to leave in twenty minutes!" My mother shouted from the inside of the house. "Coming …show more content…
My father's job was also good he worked more hours but earned more and my mother worked as a teacher in a local primary school, she found the job months later after our relocation in the new house. Also, the guy played the violin at the same place every day, at the same time every morning. Everything was perfect, until... the beginning of the last semester came.
I was already in my last high school year but before the last semester, I became sick to a mysterious illness no one ever knew what my sickness was, but the only thing that doctors knew was that I couldn't attend school during those days and I needed to stay at home to rest. The illness make peak and I had a strong fever, I couldn't digest food only liquids. The illness was stronger every day, many said that there were low probabilities of finding a cure for my illness, or in other cases,

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