Essay on Is College Overrated?

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In the Western part of the world, college is a big essence to be successful in life. In the reading, “Is College Overrated?” by Holly Ojalvo, states a man name Peter Thiel, creates a fellowship to admit 24 people. Each are given $100,000 to help start up their own company, but the catch is they must drop out of college in order to be accepted. This fellowship may be good for certain majors, but college should be essential and something everyone needs to take into consideration in order to have credibility, opportunities, and expand their knowledge. Credibility can play an important part in order to apply for a job in the work field. There are many employers that beforehand ask the future employee a certification to show they have knowledge and experience of the position they’re applying for. Of course, no one wants to hire someone that doesn’t have the credibility to handle the position, or customers don’t want to be attended by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. The Thiel Fellowship only works for students who want to become entrepreneurs and innovators. In the article, Ojalvo states, “But many employers would never look at a resume that does not list a college degree, of course some professions require advanced degrees” (Ojalvo 2). Fields such as medical, education, and engineering require some sort of certification that shows you qualify for the position. Majors like these require credibility for the companies’ sake and for the customer’s sake. Doctors perform…

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