Informative Essay About Animal Cruelty

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Josse Adame
The topic I found most interesting to research is animal cruelty. I chose this topic because i want to get more knowledge about why people tend to hurt animals and what their purpose is. Every day in our community I see all types of animals going through torture and suffering. I want to understand why people think it is ok to kill or hurt an animal for their benefit. Why would someone want an animal part as a souvenir when they can just make the species larger? Do they gain popularity? Does is somehow make them richer? This problem has been going on all around the globe. Animals in Africa, South America, and other countries are now going extinct because people think it is ok to capture and tame or search and destroy them. I chose this topic because animals have been in this earth way before any human has and we are the ones who are wiping them out. It 's not fair to take an animal’s life away for someone 's benefit or land. Animals can also help us with so many things out in this world and we don 't open our eyes to see. For example a dog can sniff things humans will never know was there. A horse was all the transportation humans has back then and now they just kill them like if they weren’t a big aspect in our lives. Hawks were used as an alarm way back in time when an enemy was approaching a kingdom or castle. Animals have been a huge aspect in our lives and I hate to see innocent animals in the streets dead or starving. Current Background To this…

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