Animal Experimentation In The Criminal Code Of Canada

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Throughout history, animal experimentation has proved to be crucial to the development of our society. Since as early as the 17th century, we see how animal testings have led to important discoveries such as the understanding of the blood circulation and the function of the lungs in Medieval Europe . And now, scientists are relying on chimpanzees in hopes to help create the Hepatitis C vaccine . Overall, I believe that the state’s policy on animal experiments, as it is covered in the Criminal Code of Canada sections 444-447 (Cruelty to Animals) , should stay as it is. We should also consider adopting Britain’s 1876 Animal Cruelty legislation since animal testing is not covered under the Canadian Criminal code, and the section protects animals …show more content…
I believe that the policies outlined in it are what our state should strive to follow. In fact, we should add this into our existing Criminal Code since the Animal Cruelty section does not specify on animal experimentation, rather just the “suffering of an animal”. The bill outlines that unless the three listed criterion below is not met, no experiments are permitted to be carried out: 1) “The more serious the suffering of the animal, the more significant and worthy the outcome of the experiment must be if it is to ahead”; 2) “The experiment will not be permitted if there are alternatives that would inflict less suffering on animals or do not involve animals at all”; and, 3) “Licenses must be issued to carry out experiments, and research must be monitored by qualified inspectors” . This clause allows scientists the freedom of using animals as a means of experimentation while also protecting animals from unnecessary abuse and mistreatment. As of right now, the UK has the most detailed legislative framework regarding animal testing and experimentation in the world , and I think that our state needs to adopt it to promote the safety of the animals and hopefully keep their suffering to a minimal during these

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