The Cruel Use Of Animals: The Benefits Of Animal Testing

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Although animal experimentation has provided many benefits, there are alternatives to test toxic substances that may eliminate the cruel use of animals in research. The United States, along with many other countries, have turned to the use of animals in research labs to test human products for hazardous substances. According to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, the United States uses about 12 million animals every year making it the biggest conductor of animal experimentation in the world. Scientists and many companies believe that testing their products on animals save humans from being harmed if the product is toxic. However, no matter what the benefits of animal experimentation are, the tests conducted on the animals are cruel. The …show more content…
According to Cruelty-Free Beauty, the Draize test and the LD50 test are the most used and cruelest of all the tests in animal research. The importance of finding an alternative to animal testing has been growing as more people have become aware that animals were mistreated in order to make the products they consume. Many scientists are researching and testing alternatives to avoid the cost of an animal life. Unfortunately, there are still many laboratories that do not practice the use of the alternatives because they are still under development. However, it is wrong that they continue to take advantage of a life that does not belong to them instead of working harder to find a more humane way of testing human products.
The Draize test that is mostly conducted on animals such as rabbits to check for eye irritancy. It is mainly used by cosmetic companies where they drop a substance into the eye of a rabbit and clip their eyes open to keep them from moving. They leave the substance there for many days and even weeks to check if it caused severe pain or redness in the eye. The Draize test is one of the many that alternatives are being looked for because of its intense pain for rabbits (Siegel-Maier
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It is physically alike and can be altered to react the same as human skin as well. According to Mertsching, et al, “Reconstructed human skin equivalents are the models that most closely mimic nor- mal human skin. They allow the topical application and skin irritancy testing of a great variety of products used in daily life” (Mertisching, et al. 1). The 3-D skin is made from human keratinocytes which is an epidermal cell in natural skin. It grows and acts like human skin so it makes a great alternative to using animal skin to test for skin sensitization and toxicity

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