Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Animal testing is known as “The use of non-human animals in research and development projects, especially for purpose of determining the safety of substances such as foods and drugs (” It is said that there are millions of vertebrae animals used in the testing such as mice, rats, birds, monkeys, dogs, cats and farm animals. Majority of the animals used in testing are either put to sleep or killed to experiment on. Last year I had some experience of my own to see this for my own eyes, I went to Children’s hospital downtown and was able to see the research center. I’ve seen many different animals being used especially sheep’s and monkeys. I saw the animals act different towards each medicine given to them, some weren’t that pleasant. Nobody ever realizes to think about how the animal feels when they’re sitting in cold metal …show more content…
The amount of the medicine that goes into the bloodstream is measured. Rats are often used as well, and is killed to test the amount of absorbed material. The way humans and rats bodies are structured which is way different, will lead to data that isn’t true. Reproductive Toxicity, these test are used to find out how the substance effects the reproductive system. These test are performed on pregnant animals to see an effect on the baby. Neurotoxicity Test, is when researchers study how pesticide has an effect on the nervous system. Normally performed rats. The test can be setup longer than 3 months or even a year. Eco-toxicity is the effect of a substance that is studied on different species of fishes. These effects can be considered short term or even long term.(TypeList) Pyrogen Testing, they are material found in bacterial cells. Which causes an up rise in your body temperature. Normally tested on rabbits to see if there’s an increase on its temp or not. The rabbits awareness to the test is affected which can lead to false data. (American Anti- Vivisection

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