Why Managers Should Listen To Employees

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Now that we have discussed how important and/or detrimental workers ' emotions can be, how do we manage them when they get overwhelming? A major part obviously involves an employee controlling his/her own actions. Many leaders do not realize, almost all of a worker 's motivation is dependent on how well they are treated. An employee needs to feel their boss will listen if they have a problem and step up if they are in need. This is why employees can either make or break a company. If a leader cares about their employees, that business will have a staff that will do anything to improve and make the business grow like it is their own, but if workers do not feel appreciated, they will certainly show to everyone they do not really care. …show more content…
As recommendations, employers and managers should get to know their employees, their names, birthdays, etc... and be sympathetic to employee situations. Below are a few suggestions that leaders should think about when building their own companies. Effective managers can make a huge difference in a organization. Managers should listen to employees. They should be willing to listen without brushing off the issue and give their employees as much time they need to listen. They should also create incentives for employees to do their job.
The company is responsible to put in place paid time off, maternity leave and other kinds of perks to help employees balance their family and work responsibilities. In addition, employees should received immediate feedback. In order for an employee to grow within the organization, performance review with specific feedback is necessary. The feedback should not be bias and hearsay from other employees. The feedback should be constructive and handled with
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a great example, is give employees the option to dress up on Halloween and have an ugly sweater contest for christmas. They should create an environment that is professional and every employee should be treated fairly. Managers should not play favorites and bend the rules for other employees. It is important to celebrate success of the department or company. If an employee receives a compliment, give them a gift card or their favorite candy bar. Employees want to feel validated and valued in the organization, Ask employees about their opinions and involve them in decision making. Also, create a forum where employees can share their opinions in a positive way. Lastly, social media is a great communication tool for the company to engage employees and listen to their concerns and ideas.
Organizations depends on team collaboration and how well employees get along. Create team building exercises and have the employees get to know each other outside of work. An example is a fun dodgeball game or a bowling tournament. Employees want to feel like they belong, those non-work activities would foster those relationships and increase their sense of

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