Analysis Of My Last Elective: My Class

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Auto Tech was one of my favorite classes. But when I was picking my classes it was one of the last elective I thought I would ever take but I’m glad I did take it. When I first got to auto, I thought it was going to be a very boring and an uninteresting class. I only took it because my sister had taken it and she told me Mr. Moscato was a really cool teacher. Of course I didn’t have Mr. Moscato like I wanted to but that was okay because I still got a good teacher. When I first got to auto I was also a little bit skeptical because there was a lot more boys than girls. I didn’t really like working with so many boys because they always underestimated me and though that I couldn’t get things done right or sometimes when I worked with them they …show more content…
In fact this class was one of my favorite parts of this year. I really liked all the hands on experience got. I find that I learn better when I can physically feel what I’m trying to learn about. So going out into the shop really helped me capture what we were learning about. I enjoyed meeting new friends in this class and getting to work with people I didn’t know. I liked that you allowed us to pick our own groups and I also liked how you basically let us determine what kind of grade we wanted. For example, if I tried in this class I get an A and if I didn’t try I would probably fail. Something I more so liked about you as a teacher is that you didn’t really check the answers for all the chapter work. I never really wrote the right answers or when I had trouble I would just skip it or write a completely random word. One specific day I enjoyed in this class was the donut day because I really like donut and they tasted good. Overall I really liked the experience I got from these past two semesters. Auto was a very different class then I expected and I liked it a lot more than I thought I …show more content…
I really appreciated all the things I learned from this class. I will remember this class forever and all the things I learned. Auto taught me things I had never known before. I got a lot more out of this class than I expected. You were a really great teacher and very helpful. I enjoyed having your class and I’ll remember about you whenever I have car troubles. I liked the atmosphere of our class and how well most of us worked together. Although I didn’t like some of the boys in there it was still a fun class. I’ve pretty much run out of things to say on this paper but you should give me an A for trying lol. Have a nice summer Mr. barber. Thanks for all the laughs and the donut party I appreciated

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