Pursuing A Career Essay

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There comes a time for everyone in their life when they have to discover what they would like to do career wise with their life. Some individuals have a drive and passion for a specific career and there is no question what they would love to spend their life doing as a career. While others know that they have likes and dislikes but are not sure what direction their life will end up taking them career wise. Either way getting started in the career field you choose can be exciting while also being scary as it is a new adventure. Colorado State University has set up a “career center” that can be very beneficial and helpful to get someone started and on their way to a great career in their chosen field.
Career Center Colorado State University
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I am at home raising my children and just started back to school to get my degree in Human Resource Management so that I can begin a hopefully successful career for myself. I have no yet started and will not be able to start until my Bachelors degree is finished. While I love that I am able to stay at home with my children every day and watch them grow and help them learn new things and teach them right from wrong I definitely have lost myself and miss working. Therefore in the next three to four years I would love to be in the beginning stages of a very successful career that I love, in Human Resource Management. I do fear the struggles I may face finding a job after not working for so many years as well as the struggles that I know I will face with such a life change of going back to work. However I am up for the challenge and looking forward to it because I know that I can do it and I will succeed. I know that I will be an asset to whatever team I begin working with because I possess several helpful and good qualities. Two of which include, my decision making and problem solving which I believe somewhat go hand in hand. I believe these are good qualities that I would bring to a team and be able to help out because you have to be able to make a decision. You cannot sit back and have everyone walk you through everything and wait for someone to tell you every step you must take and make every decision for you, that is not helping the team progress that is likely slowing the team down

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