College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Career

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At the age of 7, I lost my father and it was a tremendous turning point in my life. I felt that all hope was lost, and that finishing school was not important anymore. I did not care to go to school and graduating was not on my mind, but my grades were still great. I felt no one would understand what I was going through because I did not know anyone else who had lost his or her parent. It seems when my father passed away my whole life became a catastrophe and I was too afraid to go to my mother. I felt she would judge and criticize me, or maybe even call me crazy. It felt as if my life would never be the same again, especially because my father was not by my side. But, thankfully my life had done a 360 and things were back on the right track. …show more content…
Therefore, each year I strived to make straight A’s and keep up my GPA; despite everyone saying I should not stress about it until I start high school. But, I wanted to feel prepared so I started looking at careers in the seventh grade. I wanted to know for sure what I was interested in to study as a career. By me keeping up my grades in middle school and starting off with a high GPA as a freshman in high school is really benefiting me today. All throughout high school and now, I received offers to attend different programs and camps to speak with other students in the same league as me. They all seemed very intriguing, but I preferred to stay home to work and I did not want to get sidetracked by what was most important, which is my education. Now, I am a senior applying for colleges with a 3.7 GPA, maintaining an A average in college courses while working and striving to graduate. I am glad I finally realized how important my education really was, now it is time to make my mother and father proud. I am going to show them they raised an intelligent and hard-working daughter, who will not stop until she reaches all of her goals and can show everyone her true

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