Career And College: A Career In The United States Army

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Career and College Research paper
“Be strong when you are weak, Brave when you are scared,and humble when you are victorious” (Anonymous)
I have chosen a very wide spread career, this career can go all over in the United States and sometimes out of the country. The career I have chosen is the United States Army (army). This career has a various amount of job titles under the main title Army so i have yet to pick the job that I would like to do, for the United States Army. While serving for the Army I will be protecting the citizens of the United States, which is something I have known I would want to do since I was a youth in grade school and now I get to fulfill my dreams, to be enlisted in the Army.(Summary)
The US, Army does not have a specific place of work. this is a government based job Therefore it is a world wide career. The army has plenty of job fields there are office workers who manage military profiles and there are military medics who fly in planes or even have military hospitals. This career has plenty of work hours depending on deployment or not if you are deployed to overseas or even on active duty in the United states this can result in having many months without leaving a military base
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The past job market for the army was high as well this is a job that will not lose its quality for a good while. The US Army has many requirements such as height,weight and even physical fitness. There are no requirements for being social. Honesty is key in the military you have to act as a big family full of brother and sisters with your parent as your commanders and chiefs leading yall through the hard parts. Life experiences to prepare for this career is hard to have to prepare for this career the closest thing i can put with the military would have to be the game of football, you have to play as a team to achieve one goal as in the military you have to act together to keep the country

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