Human Resources Sergeant In The Army

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The Importance of the Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms

In order to properly explain the importance of the human resources sergeant in

the profession of arms a few topics will first need to be addressed. What exactly does it

mean to be a profession of arms? How does the military cultivate such a vast culture of

professionals? And finally, what does a human resources (HR) sergeant do and how

does the HR sergeant fit into this proclaimed profession of arms in today’s modern

military? In this paper I will answer all of these questions in order to paint a clear picture

of just how important human resources sergeants are in today’s military.

First of all, before we can engage any further into the topic at hand we need to

know what it
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The Army life is one of service, not to

one’s self, but to a nation and to their brothers and sisters in arms.It couldn’t be more

perfectly stated, “Professional Soldiers are volunteers…bonded with comrades in a

shared identity and culture of sacrifice and service” (pg. 4).

This brings us right into the topic of the HR sergeant and their roles in the Army

as a profession of arms. When most civilians think of the military they primarily think of

the Soldiers out in the field with combat focused areas of expertise. What they don’t

usually picture is the human resources sergeant corps. The driving force of the entire

military. The HR sergeant is responsible handling all of the administrative roles of

today’s military.

Human resources sergeants make the wheels turn so to speak. They take care

of such things as promotions, awards, separations, transfers, Soldier and unit

readiness, training schedules, and a wide variety of other roles. Additionally, the HR

sergeants have to balance being experts in their own field of performance, while still

keeping up with the military code of being able to be deployed as a lethal force.

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