Essay about Impact Of The Iom Report On Nursing Education

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In 2010 the Institute of Medicine published a report called The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. It discusses how nurses can make changes to create a greater role in America’s healthcare system. It encourages nurses to become more educated and to take on leadership roles. It also talks about nurses working in partnership with physicians and other highly trained healthcare professionals. Therefore, nurses should study this report and see what kind of changes they can make in their own practice.
Impact of the IOM Report on Nursing Education Nursing and healthcare are rapidly changing fields. Nurses need to stay up to date with these many changes. Patients are getting sicker and coming to the hospital with more complex, multi-system issues. Critical thinking skills are an asset that nurses must have in these times. The IOM recommends that 80% of nurses have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree by 2020. (Aiken, 2014). Nurses need to be able to collaborate and communicate effectively with physicians and other team members, who often hold Master’s degrees and higher. There are several ways workplaces can support their nurses in earning a BSN. Holding career fairs with universities, offering tuition reimbursement to current employees who attend an RN-BSN program and providing a salary increase are some ideas.
Impact of the IOM Report on Practice
With America’s aging population, there is a growing need for providers in primary care. Advanced practice…

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