Essay on I Was The Best At Reading

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When I was young I was never the best at reading even though my parents owned many books and magazines that they read on a daily basis. My mother enjoyed reading her gossip magazines that she would receive in the mail once a month and my father had a whole bookshelf full of history books. My parents would always encourage me to read the books I would check out at the school library to improve my reading and writing but that advice usually went in through one ear and out the other. The only books I would really attempt to read had to be humorous or horrifying, my favorites were the Goosebumps collection. I loved reading these books alone in my room where I couldn’t be sidetracked by all the commotion that went on in my house. Even though I was able to read a few chapters alone every once in a while the reading I was doing wasn’t nearly enough to improve my grammar or my essay writing.
I can remember in my fourth grade class we had assigned groups of five where we would have to read stories from the textbook to each other. My fourth grade teacher believed what my parents believed that the more you read the more your grammar and essay writing would improve. It was very discouraging whenever the teacher would sit in my group to listen to us read because there was usually more critiquing than complementing. Reading a paragraph was always very unpleasant for me because I would pause many times trying to pronounce words that were too advanced for me. I would remain stuck for a few…

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