I Was Becoming A Better Writer Essay

772 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Beginning English composition two I was anxious and concerned about the level of difficulty of the course. My experience with English composition one was challenging to say the least. Even when I put countless hours of dedication and effort into each essay, my grades would fall short despite the time put in. This experience lead to my apprehension towards taking English Composition two here at Auburn. To my surprise, English Composition Two has been a success for me. I have made tremendous progress in the quality of my essays and general writing skills. Not only did my grades show improvement, but I could feel from essay to essay that I was becoming a better writer. This is the first English class I have ever taken that I can confidently say has transformed me into a better writer and student. I have always struggled to organize my ideas on paper in a way that was both clear and insightful to the reader; In English Composition One and high school I vividly remember being told over and over to organize my thoughts more thoroughly. Thankfully, before the first argument was due for this course, we learned how to construct a logical structure of an argument. Dr. Petrucci taught us that the more organized the structure of your argument is, the more credible it is to the audience. My thoughts are now able to be more complex because I have learned how to construct a logical argument in an organized manner. For our first assignment, Argument One, I unfortunately received a grade…

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