Essay About Difficulties In Writing

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Writing is something that should not come too easy to people. It requires a lot of thought process to get the right wording and phrasing. It also requires the writer to use their own voice in each piece of writing. No one likes a story that does not have a voice and seems like the writer does not care. Reading those kinds of stories or papers can end up boring the reader, maybe even to the point where they stop reading.
One of my main difficulties in writing is getting the correct wording and phrasing. I always seem to struggle with picking out the right wording to make everything flow together. I felt if stuff does not flow together easily, then the writing is sometimes bad. I felt that I also used the same words and phrases repeatedly. I
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With the peer reviews, it was great to have other people edit and give their advice on how we can fix things. Usually they will catch some spelling or grammar mistakes are the writer themselves cannot always catch. It is so helpful to hear other people’s idea and recommendations. Usually there is at least one part in a writing that the writer cannot think of the right wording or phrasing. Also with peer reviews, you get a chance to read other people’s writings. With that, you can get a chance to see other people’s ideas, and that could spark new ideas for your own writing. With the workshops, we got actual criticism from our teacher. With that, we can get pointers on what we need to fix and what works in our writing. This was extremely helpful since we could fix all the mistakes and then turn in our papers to hopefully get a higher grade. The workshops were also very helpful since we got a whole class period to just write. Sometimes when I would be working on my papers in my dorm, I would get easily distracted and stop writing. Since we had to go to a workshop, it gave me time to just write and have no distractions, which in the end helped my paper overall I

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