How Posters Can Be A Part Of Campaign Essay

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Posters have become a part of campaign strategies in most elections. Every time there is an election, campaign teams do their best to create the most powerful poster for their candidates. Many of those posters are extremely creative and clever. However, when Shepherd Fairey’s Obama “HOPE” poster was published, most Americans said it was the most successful campaign election poster they had ever seen. What makes the “HOPE” poster so successful is Fairey’s ability to control the viewer’s gaze. In particular, Fairey uses the signifiers of positioning color, and text to create the impression of Obama as a strong American presidential candidate.

Positioning is one of the elements in this poster. In the “HOPE” poster Mr. Obama does not face the front. He is facing slightly to the right. His eyes are slightly looking up. He looks very firm and serious, as if he were ambitious to bring the American people out of the economics crisis. After late 2007, American economic issues became more and more serious. Americans needed a ‘saviour’ to help the American people overcome all the obstacles in this country. The use of the slight turn to the right suggests if Mr. Obama becomes the president his political strategy would be more right-wing. Also, because of the positioning, some shadings show in the “HOPE” poster. These shadings come from the reflection of the light and emphasize that the Obama image is facing into light. Fairy uses this shading to build up Obama’s heroic image for all…

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