How Does Abortion Break Someone's Life

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Abortion can make someone’s life or break someone’s life. This is something that in my opinion is a very misinterpreted thing in such a way which is very wrong. I say this because people think that it’s the right thing to do if they know that they won’t be able to take care of the child. A lot of woman who experience unintended pregnancy undergo abortions also. Hospitals around America stopped providing the choice for a woman to have an abortion. Therefore, woman wanting an abortion would have to find a hospital that will still do it for them, knowing that a lot of hospitals stopped. Some might justify this because in some abortion cases, the woman might’ve been raped. What that “some” of people doesn’t realize is that killing the baby just because the woman got raped still doesn’t make anything right. …show more content…
So honestly teenagers should not even have the choice to do such a horrible thing to their kid, it should be their parents opinion because MOST teenagers will have an abortion because of the responsibility that comes with having a child. At the end of the day abortion creates more problems for the girl. I say this because people think that this will solve their problems but in reality it’ll hide them but most definitely not solve them. Some woman like to take the easy way out but what they don’t understand is that this is something that never goes away. Even over time, it’s just something a woman will never forget, killing your own child… which to me is absolutely obnoxious & ridiculous. This is a very disgusting thing that should 100% be illegalized in the United States. Abortion isn’t justified because it takes innocent lives, it can damage a relationship/family and it creates

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