Higher Education And Its Impact On Society Essay

1265 Words Oct 24th, 2016 6 Pages
People go to college to have a better life where they are financially stable and they can have a job that they are passionate about. College education is a standard in which society deems necessary to be “qualified” not only for jobs but for intellectual conversation as well. Higher education is a luxury in most countries because of the importance of education. Education is powerful, it can take troubled kids and give them potential to the advancement of society rather than being part of “the statistic” that negatively affects society. All around the world, numerous countries have managed to make their higher education virtually free or inexpensive for their students. Although America has the potential to implement a similar system in its own educational system, it is very unlikely. Higher education is very expensive and to cover the cost of existing students plus more if free college education is established, would cause an influx of costs on government and college institution 's budgets. Therefore, both public and private colleges and universities should only provide greater financial assistance, to make college an option to students experiencing financial struggles, overwhelming family responsibility, and personal hardship.
In America student debt is an ongoing issue and is at the forefront of the political campaigns between both presidential candidates. Going to college is a social norm that is consider necessary to be able to live comfortably with a successful career.…

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