High School Vs. College Essay

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High School vs. College; Oh no they are different!
Many people may think college classrooms and high school classrooms are the same because they have the primary structures of a classroom and both of them are considered to be a learning environment. The truth is they do not contain as much similarities as people may think such as appearance, classroom sizes, and the age difference. Doctor Drew C. Appleby, from the psychology network states, “College classes and professors are going to be different from their high school classes and teachers” (par. 2). People have a conception that all classrooms should look the same, although in college the situation changes. Have you ever had the opportunity to look at both classrooms? If yes, then I’m sure you have noticed the big difference in each room. Classrooms in high school always seemed to be decorated and make the students feel like kids because of how they look. I remember when I was in high school the classrooms were decorated accordantly to the subject theme. For instance, my Spanish classroom was decorated with bright colors that demonstrated the Hispanic culture. It had small little piñatas across the room. The teacher always had posters that caught the attention of students as well as other people. My other classes had objects that demonstrated what the class was about as well. When we were in class we had to raise our hand to ask for permission when we wanted to use the restroom, the classrooms always had a big paper on…

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