Integrating Technology Into The Classroom

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Technology ,when we think about it the first thing that comes to mind is the immeasurable good that it brings. Technology has expanded the potential of the human race and has brought new advancements from artificial organs to self driving cars .But technology is a double edged sword, all the good it brings comes at a price . The more we rely on technology the more we become reliant on it .Technology has become that "good thing “that we have overindulged in. We overlook the harmful effects of ,over dependence on technology. Integration of of technology at middle school ages and younger has been shown to cause adhd , it also makes students lazy , and it also makes it more difficult for teachers to teach students when they are constantly …show more content…
But i believe this notion is flawed because it requires that teachers alter their teaching methods or study plan to include technology . It would force teachers to choose between forgoing technology in the classroom altogether or to incorporate it completely . But both of these come with drawbacks the first being that students would have difficulty switching between the two as the change teachers ,and with technology centered classrooms or children would be more easily distracted by the propaganda machine called the internet. Teachers would be forced to choose between two extremes. Most would argue that teachers could just find a nice balance between the two . But when given the option between something labor intensive like the typical socratic teaching students would prefer the easier one aka technology.
In conclusion i believe that technology should not be integrated into the schools system until children are past the middle school level . Because by that time student have developed proper study habits and the have gained the discipline to properly use technology to further their studies . Integrating technology at a young age comes with many drawback it put s pressure on teacher to create new teaching methods , it allows students to be lazy and it fosters a host of learning disorders . All in all in contrary to popular belief , technology should not be integrated into school till high

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