Evidence Against Adnan's Testimony

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Adnan is innocent because Jay’s testimonies of Hae’s murder are inconsistent. On February 1999, Hae Min Lee’s body was found. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was convicted of her murder. The prosecution’s main evidence against Adnan was the testimony of Jay Wilds. Jay’s testimonies have many inconsistencies that discredit his reliability on who killed Hae and what actually happened that day. Some inconsistencies are the different stories of her place of murder and the lack of potential evidence that could have been used to debunk the state’s timeline of where Adnan was when Hae was murdered.
The first inconsistency is the state’s cell tower evidence isn’t stable enough to be used as factual evidence. The state used cell tower pings to try to
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Jay tells different stories of where Hae was murdered. In episode 8 at 26:43, we are introduced to Chris, one of Jay’s best friends at the time. Jay had told Chris about the Hae’s murder ,but it was a different story from both testimonies Jay had given to the police. Supposedly, Adnan had called Jay at his house, but in this story he got a call from Adnan when Jay was at a pool hall. The motive and the location of Hae’s murder do not correlate with Jay’s story. In Chris’ recollection of what Jay had told him, Adnan had confronted Hae of flirting with a car salesman at the parking lot of the Woodlawn public library and snapped. Chris told Sarah that Jay had told him that Hae was murdered at the parking lot of the Woodlawn Public Library. The same library in which Asia said she saw Adnan in at the time Hae was supposedly murdered. The same library that was located near the high school they went to. Those who believe Adnan is guilty would argue that the police would have already interviewed Chris and disregarded his story because it didn’t match up with Jay’s and the state’s timeline, making it untrustworthy. However, Chris wasn’t interviewed by the police, even though the cops knew Jay had told Chris about Hae’s murder. If the police had interviewed Chris about what Jay had told him about Hae’s murder, the jury would have seen how inconsistent Jay’s …show more content…
Josh worked at Southwest Video with Jay. According to Josh, they were not close enough as friends and it confused him why Jay would tell him about his involvement in Hae’s murder. Josh remembers how paranoid Jay was because he thought Adnan had sent people after him for talking to the cops about the case. According to Josh, Jay tells him a similar story to Chris’ about Hae’s place of murder in which he’s certain Hae wasn’t murdered in Best Buy, he’s also certain the words ‘Best Buy’ never come up in the conversation. Another similarity in both stories is the crime took place late afternoon, rather than after school like the state’s timeline says. People who believe Jay would question Josh and Chris’ credibility. Josh and Chris stated Jay had told them Hae was murdered at the Woodlawn Public Library, while in one of his testimonies Jay had said she was killed at Best Buy. Josh and Chris don’t know each other and wouldn’t benefit anything by lying, yet both stories are similar. All testimonies of the same case that have different crucial parts aren’t trustworthy, meaning all of jay’s testimonies are not credible. According to a NY court pdf document on witness credibility, “If a witness has made such inconsistent statements [or omissions], you may consider whether and to what extent they

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