Gun Violence Is A Global Issue Essay example

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American Gun Violence is a Global Issue Gun violence in America is a big global issue. Thousands of American lives are lost annually as a result of the use of firearms. Many people think that something should be done about all of the violence, but at the same time guns have always been a large part of American culture. They symbolize significant wars and events that helped make the United States what it is today. This topic is rather controversial and exiling guns as a solution will be rejected by many. Guns are a way of life for some, but I personally believe that something should be done to help prevent the murders caused by people with guns. To help organize my thoughts I will discuss them by explaining why this concerns everyone, including background information on the subject, evaluating the origin of the problem, proposing logical solutions, and even addressing opposing viewpoints to my standpoint of the issue. Some may not realize this, but gun violence in America is actually a global issue. It may not directly affect people from other countries, but it plays its role in the way of how the world is today. America is viewed by most as the strongest and most civilized country on the planet. People from poorer and underdeveloped nations look at the United States as heaven. They get the false sense of reality that all Americans are happy and have lots of money. The United States benefits from being praised all around the world. It just reassures that…

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