Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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One of the most controversial topics in America today is the subject of gun control and how the country should go about modernizing the laws surrounding the citizens’ ability to possess and employ firearms. With the increase of shooting rampages in our country, these laws have become an even more pressing issue that needs immediate action. There are critics on both sides of the issue, however, guns should be permitted to be owned and operated by any qualified citizen of our country.
The ability to possess and employ a gun in the United States is not a new topic of conflict. Dating back into the early days of our country when our forefathers were writing the laws of our constitution, the citizens’ ability to possess a firearm was discussed even back then. There is a wide range of interpretation of the 2nd amendment from citizens not being able to have a gun at all to anyone that desire a gun could have one. Ignoring the extremists and thinking strictly on the facts and how this would
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Getting rid of citizens having firearms would not only leave the guns in the hands of criminals with the rest of the population vulnerable to attack and with no way to defend themselves but would also cause an uproar amongst citizens. To help alleviate this problem, measures should be put into place to make a universal standard for the entire country on the way that firearms are bought and used. Mandating background checks in both public and private sales will help keep some of these firearms out of criminals’ hands. Ensuring that everyone who owns or operates a firearm receives some type of safety training would also help those who own a gun to understand how their weapon works and how to keep it out of reach of children and to help prevent accidents that occur with these

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