Growing Up As A Child Essay

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Growing up as a child I had a pretty ordinary lifestyle. We lived in a comfortable two story home with one and a half bathrooms and three bedrooms. I had a nice, cozy bed, clothes to drape myself in, and food in my stomach, what more could I ask for? We never really struggled to acquire things but we were not the most blessed family. At the end of the day, we had what we needed and that is all that mattered. My parents are the most diligent workers I know. They made sure all my needs were taken care of before theirs even if that meant they had to sacrifice something. Whether that sacrifice was time, money, or something of their own, my birth givers made sure that me and my little brother were good before they were good themselves. People sometimes do not appreciate or value the time and effort it takes people to get nice things or even things in general and are absent-minded when it comes to working for what you deserve. It was around six o 'clock, and me and my family had the whole night ahead of us. Today my little cousin, “Misael” turned seven years old and me and my family were getting ready to depart to his house to go celebrate his day. “Do you guys get him a gift?” asked my mother. “Yeah, I got him this remote control monster truck. It has the ninja turtles drawn all over, Misael’s favorite.” replied my father. Munoz 2
We left without a worry to my little cousins party. His house is around five blocks from mine so the trip to his house was hindered early.…

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