Essay on Graduation Speech : The Job Shadow Project

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During my fall semester of junior year, I have been exposed to various skills and knowledge. 11th grade has definitely proven to be a challenging year. Yet, I have learned so much about myself and my community within a semester.

As a junior, applying for colleges and looking into a possible career is just around the corner. I have been privileged to be given the opportunity to begin this process my junior year. In my AP English Language and Composition course, my teacher, Mr.Shoji dedicated some time into our class to begin this lengthy process, by assigning our class the Job Shadow project.

The Job Shadow project helped me grow as an academic student through growth in college and career readiness. As its name reveals, the Job Shadow project gave me the opportunity to observe a professional in a possible career choice that I am considering at this time. The first step to the project was researching at least fifteen companies or professionals that I could possibly job shadow. Then, I had to write a formal letter to the possible professional I would like to shadow. The most difficult element to this project was actually sending out letters and getting a response. Writing a letter to a professional was really intimidating. It gave me a bit of anxiety because I was afraid of being rejected. Unfortunately, despite my efforts, I was indeed rejected by five professionals in the medical field. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get the chance to shadow a…

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