Graduation Speech : My Writing Skills Essay

792 Words Oct 16th, 2016 4 Pages
For this fall semester of 2016, I wasn’t sure how the outcome of my Writing 102 class was going to be. I have heard many different views on this class and was eager to see what side I was going to be on. Over all, I had a great experience and glad I registered for this online writing class. My writing skills have improved a great deal from the beginning of the semester by enhancing my critical thinking skills, thesis statements, and my researching.
Writing, is a way of being able to express feelings and opinions about something. The type of paper that is written in class shows the amount of information a student had researched, or the amount of knowledge that they know. I have definitely enhanced my critical thinking skills and even improved my thesis statements. When it comes to critical thinking, it is a very important skill to have. All the articles I have read in this class, has certainly helped my overall thinking and views on certain subjects. I’m able to analyze an article or even a life situation and decipher what side I am for when weighing the facts of the pros and cons. For example, the discussion exercises on crisis of Students in debit, really opened up my comprehension, and analyzation on articles. Also critically responding to our peers in class was a great exercise, as well as receiving critical responses to our discussions.
Along with thinking creatively, my thesis statements in my papers have developed enormously and are clearer. At first I was struggling…

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