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Portfolio reviewers: My pre-ECU 2201 experience was my English 1100 course. While taking this class online, I learned how to make an interesting essay. Though this class didn 't require much research, it taught me how to write an interesting essay. Most of the time the professor gave us the decision to write whatever we wanted to write on. There might been some times where he wanted us to write a specific topic, but still had the chance to write whatever we wanted within the topic. Most papers were 4-7 pages, and because we had the choice to write what we desire, it became easy to get the required amount. Being most of our essay were made up there was no need for sources unless we used a similar story.

Though many of my papers in English
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I always want my introduction to be interesting so it makes the reader want to read more. Then trying to structure the paper so I want lose my reader is the next challenge. If I ever conquer those two challenges then I know everything else will work smoothly. I always give a title after my paper is completed only because I want my paper to be related with my information in the essay. I try to choose a title that catches the reader 's attention. I really love to start my paper with fun facts, because if the facts matches the reader than that individual will be eager to read more. I believe my introduction is interesting and I 'm satisfied with my introduction. When trying to create my thesis statement I first had to write the first two pages of the article. I had to make sure my thesis would be a display of what my paper is about. I created this thesis: “Knowing what the account offers will allow a person to determine which account is best for them, while also learning how to make their money grow by patience.” The thesis sets my reader up to knows what they are about to learn and what information will be in my essay. I wanted to stick with the order of my thesis sentence when arranging my paragraphs. I first wanted my reader to determine which account is best for them. Once they have a decision then I explain how they can be successful in the

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