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To me critical thinking is reading a text, or having a conversation, or watching something on TV and then finding out and understanding what it was trying to portray. Since taking this class I have added more ways for me to think more critically. A few things that have made my critical thinking easier is how to mark a book, reading and reflection, application of wasteland, and the 2 types of information given descriptive and prescriptive.
I know that marking a book is good for critical reading but when we read the article How to Mark a Book I found I was completely wrong. According to the author we need to ask questions, make marks, highlight, underline and basically wear out the book in order to own it. Wow! I must say I love my books and doing that much damage to them is not what makes me a happy camper. I call book abuse. But I saw the point of view from the author on the subject. But what I think is not what I should be doing at this time. I should be reading the article and seeing what the author is trying to portray to me, then make my descion on the matter.
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In this class we have done both and it has helped with the reading with American Wasteland especially the first RR journal. The first journals asked us to read and then go to the website and educate ourselves more on the topic and I found it to be rewarding. I had found different things to do with bananas and learned more about food waste all over the world not just in the United States. This is something I do often when I read or hear something of interest that has my wheels turning. I will then go to analyze the topic and then reflect over

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