Essay about Graduation Speech : Application Writing Skills

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I enrolled in WRTG 101 because I was advised it was a requirement for my degree in Management Studies. To be completely honest, it was a class I thought I would struggle greatly in; however, in retrospect, I am glad I took the opportunity to enroll. Even though I usually try to pay attention to the way I structure my sentences and grammar, I had no confidence in my writing skills. Whilst I grew up speaking and writing English in Jamaica, it was a different style of English than that used here in the US. Effective writing skills, if used properly, are essential in both professional and personal lives. It helps to provide trustworthy and articulate information to different audiences and enhances communication. I have now learned that being an effective writer, like any other skill, takes time and practice to develop and strengthen. Using effective research, argumentation, and of course proper grammar, are all important aspects that go into a successful piece of writing. Before enrolling in WRTG 101, I would consider my writing skills to be somewhere between a 3 or 4 out of 10; now I have definitely gained a better understanding of the process that creates a well written paper and have steadily improved each week since enrolling.

Pre-writing is a technique I have never given much thought until I enrolled in WRTG 101. In fact, when I was first introduced to it, I thought it sounded like a waste of time. It wasn’t until I found myself staring at a blank screen, while trying to…

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