Free Community College For The Middle Class Essay example

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Recently Obama has proposed a plan to offer free two year community college for responsible students that maintain a part time schedule with a 2.5 GPA. This proposal offers hope to students that want to be successful and need access to the middle class. There is positive effects of this proposal but also drawbacks. According to the documentary “Discounted Dreams” there is a twenty percent increase of enrollment into community colleges that is straining the system. This proposal of free two year community college will become a great incentive and will bring more students to enroll into a community college. This will lead to an overwhelmed community college. Free community college for the first two years sounds like a great proposal but it has negative effects like adding more strain to the community college, not all the students are meant to attend college, and the money spent for tuition should be better spent on community colleges themselves and the programs they offer. According to the documentary “Discounted Dreams” the colleges are overwhelmed with students. There is a long wait lists that leads to students taking courses they do not need and advising from the community college is misleading. Offering free community college for the first two years would be an incentive for students to go to college but the downside is that colleges are already engulfed by the many students that are currently enrolled. In community colleges the advising offered to students is not the…

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