Essay on Fice Supervisor For The Night Shift

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Sharon King, RN, BSN is an Administrative Supervisor. She is the house supervisor for the night shift. Her responsibilities include finding rooms for patient placement, and acts as a link of communication between the physician, nurse and patients. This helps her to communicate the identified glitches to the head doctor such as ethical dilemmas or internal conflict between a physician, nurse and a patient. She also responds to codes. When performing these responsibilities, she makes sure that things are running smoothly and correctly by making appropriate decisions and suggestions when necessary (Bender et al. 2012).
She also finds whatever resources that we need to get our job done correctly and efficiently such as a tool or a form to fill out or just finding the correct procedure for handling a situation. Mrs. King also handle problems such as a patient complaint, code whites in which a patient is a danger to themselves or others and requires security, and finding another hospital for a patient to be referred to if there are no rooms or doctors available at our hospital
She also is a member of AACN. She also has CCRN certificate. Her preferred to read articles from the American Journal of Nursing. She believes that in nursing, it is paramount for one to continue to read as health field is dynamic. In this regards, she is enrolled in a dual degree master 's program at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is also planning to get an MBA. She has been administrative…

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