Female Workforce Participation And The Workforce Essay

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We were tasked with reading four different articles about workforce diversity. The focus of each of these articles was the role that women play in creating diversity in the workforce.
The first article “How to Get More Women into the Workforce” started off by stating that the baby boomer generation is nearing retirement age. Once consequence of this is that the number of job openings will reach record highs. Currently, the workforce participation rate is 62%, which is the lowest it’s been since the 1970s. The question that arises from this predicament is who will keep the economy progressing? One possible solution is to get more women into the workforce, especially since they have needed skills. However, the workforce participation rate for women is only 57% as comparted to men’s 69%. This lack of female workforce participation isn’t just a problem in the U.S. Japan is struggling too, and has tried to implement new policies to target promoting women in managerial positions.
Most women enter the workforce at some point in time, however, the problem is retention. After a woman has children or starts a family, it is increasingly difficult to persuade her to leave her family for a job. For a female college graduate, family-friendly rules and workplace flexibility help entice them back into the workforce. However, it’s much harder to entice women who didn’t go to college or dropped out of high school to come back to work. The jobs these women are able to do are typically low…

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