Essay On Resident Advisor Position

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What motivated me to apply for the Resident Advisor position is growth and service. I want to help the students i work with adjust to life in mauritius and ALU and also foster togetherness amongst the students I get to work with. I believe the journey will form a significant part of my learning experience In ALU. I think I am an ideal candidate because first and foremost, I have experience in similar roles.I have held roles such as class prefect, house captain which are very similar to the RA role. Being a class prefect made me the first point of contact when there is a problem with anyone. I also had to make sure the classroom was cleaned, there were sufficient teaching and learning materials and also ensure the class as a whole was in good behaviour. I have always been a people person. I work very well with other people and i truly actually enjoy it. In ALU, I am one of the co founders of the cooking club. This role entails planning and teaching classes as well as monitoring progress of members.With the help of other co founders we have helped students who were not confident about their culinary skills or did not cooking to get better and they now enjoy the classes. I can compare it to the RA position because they both entail helping people to …show more content…
I always want to make sure everyone is okay and it makes some of my classmates even say I act like a mom. It is not intentional but i always just think that since we are all away from our families we just need a little more care especially when a person is home sick. I do not compromise on my safety or that of others. One of my major priorities will be to ensure that the students I work with are safe and healthy.
In a nutshell, I believe I am a perfect fit for the Resident Advisor position because I work well with people,I have experience in similar tasks in high school and ALU and the fact that I am a safety and wellbeing focused

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