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Distinctively visual representations allow the audience to envisage different purposes crafting emotions which stay with us forever. Graphic depiction is a fundamental characteristic within distinctively visual, thus the audience is able to be exposed to the intense illustrations exemplified by composers. Spudvilla’s portrayal of “Woolvs in the sitee” demonstrates the child’s inability to reconcile with himself. Contrasting to this notion; the playwright “Shoe-horn Sonata” to expose the brutal reality of POW camps during WWII. Therefore, distinctively visual forces the audience to succumb to the barriers society creates.

It is through distinctively visual representations and graphic depiction that allows the audience to develop a sense of
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Graphic depiction immediates and authenticates the connection to the past and the present, which triggers emotions and senses of the audience. Spudvilla’s exemplification of “colloquial language” fundamentally embodies the protagonist’s perspective of the picture book being written by a young child primarily evident to the audience, drowning them with guilt and sorrow. Spudvilla essentially uses symbolism such as “Woolvs” which is depicted as the child seeing woolvs as poverty, war , violence, unhappiness, suffering or pain. This could relate to a lack of government resulting in chaos, revealing a feeling of isolation to the audience. Distinctively visual representations are exposed by Spudvilla’s through the use of dark, shady, mysterious colours throughout the picture book. Expressing the use of these colours, it is implied the image is harsh, although meaningful which represents fear, terror, anxiety and fright. Essentially, red, which is used, may indicate a danger or threat ideally creating an uncomfortable yet anxious moment for the audience. The composer of the picture book carefully, yet uncharacteristically develops a sense of danger toward the audience through graphic depiction crafting the horror and senselessness that the unorganized, heartless government creates the development war and havoc which is irrelevant. Distinctively visual scenes throughout the picture book allow the audience visualise events

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