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Should People Who Have Been Convicted of Selling Drugs Be Requires to be listed in a Drug Offender Database
Deanna Overton
Ivy Tech Community College

Should people who have been convicted of selling drugs be required to be listed in a drug offender database? Some of my readers are unaware of the percentage that has been locked up for this offense. There are a lot of different emotions about this because I have some people here that have once been in this situation and they are saying that they don’t know if we should have the database information. I’m telling them to put their self in my shoes and look at how are young kids are growing up in this community and the wrong influence can cause your child to become one of
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She implied that if this database was available they could have had a source to use to find out that the kids in the neighborhood had drug related issues.” So now, I had everyone brainstorm ideas on how to get this database for drug dealers. I came up with this petition for everyone to sign so that it can be tacking to the state board house for them to see how this issue is a problem in our community and something needs to be done about it immediately. The opposing argument is that we are invading one’s privacy. We know that hackers can easy break into database. A database security breach may have exposed personal information of 93,000 people associated with crimes (news/Buena-vista- university). They would also argue that innocent people could get put into this database. The main people who would be highly profiled would be the Blacks and the Latinos to be put into this database based on their colors and ethics group which would not be fair to all African American and Spanish Back ground. Each year, over half-a-million people are stop and nearly 90% of found to be innocent of any wrongdoing. Critics say that the practice unfairly targets black and Hispanic men, but backers say it has played a major role in reducing crime (New York Observer). Another reason why someone would oppose for the database would fear that the drug offender might be identifies

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