English 101 Reflection Paper

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Over the course of this semester, I have had to complete about thirty different assignments just for English 101, that doesn’t include my other classes. This class is definitely where most of my work load was coming from. This in total has amounted to over 20,000 words being typed, plenty hours of sleep lost, and thankfully, no meltdowns. Everyone’s high school experience is different so some of you may be prepared for English 101 and some may not be. What you valued in high school will most likely spill over into your college career. Your attitude and mindset will contribute to how you perform in college. You really need to stay on top of your work as much as you can. If you were that student in high school that didn 't show up to class or turn in your assignments, you will not pass your classes in college. The stakes are higher here. You have to pay for all of your classes, and if you pass or fail is totally up to you. The professors are here to help you, but they won 't force it upon you. You are an adult now in their eyes, so you need to be able to handle all of the responsibilities of that.
I remember that I had to write
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You can 't dwell of the giant task you have to complete, but instead tell yourself you can do it and before you know it you will have a whole paper completed. This class is very time consuming, so I suggest that you take full advantage of the little time frames you have. For example, I once made use of my time when I was waiting for my hair appointment. Just take out your laptop and get going on a few things. Every sentence and correction adds up. In the end, it will be less that you will have to do late at night. Take full advantage of your professor. Ask for their opinion on a paragraph or a sentence. Ask them to clarify an assignment. You have to be proactive and make sure that you fully understand the

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