Unit 1 Assignment 1 Professional Integration

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Assignment 1- Professional integration
I chose chapters 4, containing material on the musculoskeletal system and chapter 6, and containing material on the cardiovascular and lymphatic system. I chose these two chapters because there was material in each that I was unclear about and needed some extra time put in to learn these topics. In the musculoskeletal system, I have had troubles with keeping the anatomical planes separate and which motion is in what plane, need to review the energy systems, and the components of the shoulder I do not feel confident in. A few reasons I chose the cardiovascular system are arterial blood gas volumes, pharmacology, and some of the test procedures. The concepts that are the most clear to me is the anatomy of the heart, most of the pathologies pertaining to the cardiovascular system, the pathology of the airway of the lungs, percussion and postural drainage procedures, airway clearance and coughing techniques, gait patterns and gait terminology, lower extremity joints, muscle receptors, and manual muscle test grades.
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I started working on the assignment January 3rd. I probably should of started right when Christmas break started, but I needed a break from all the studying I had been doing with finals. During the week, I am finding it is really hard to fit in studying because I am exhausted from the day at work. Whenever we have down time or a patient cancels, I will study at my internship. If that does not happen, I fit in 2 evenings for an hour or so depending on the night to study. Then on weekends, I will fit in a couple hours. The cardiopulmonary and lymphatic system chapter took me the longest to finish. It is harder for me to read that because it is not as interesting to me as other sections. I would read 5 pages and take a break and go back and read another 5 more and so on depending on the day. I did my readings at home in my room or at my kitchen

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