English 101 Apa Term Paper (Eating Disorders)

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Eating Disorders a Global Health Issue
Denise Gilbert
Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College

There is a global health crisis affecting many people around the world. Eating Disorders is a mental health condition often misunderstood by people that do not have the condition. It can trigger vomiting, bingeing, depression, and health issues. Eating disorders are illnesses that cause serious disturbances to the everyday diet. They can affect men, women and children of all ages. This research paper will describe the different types of eating disorders, who may be affected by the eating disorders, what resources are available for those who have eating disorder illness, how to treat the illness, and why they are a global
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For example, some individuals may purge after they binge eat, exercise excessively, take laxatives or diuretics. Binging is defined as eating a large quantity of food in a short period of time during which a feeling of loss of control is present. While traditionally, binging is defined in this way, some individuals may experience this sense of being unable to control their eating even when the quantity is not considered objectively large. (Stanford University School of Medicine 2012)
Binge-Eating Disorder Binge-Eating Disorder is when a person loses control over their eating. Binge-Eating does not consist of compulsory vomiting, exercise, or fasting. Those with Binge-Eating Disorder are sometimes overweight or obese. People with Binge-Eating Disorder undergo a medical risk for heart disease and hypertension disorders. They also feel guilt and shame over their Binge-Eating, and this causes more Binge-Eating.
Who does this affect? People who suffer from these disorders find themselves doing unhealthy activities. Most eating disorders cause other health issues, such as depression, weight loss, and anxiety disorders. Not enough exercise or too much exercise, as well as superfluous behaviors, can sometimes hide these issues. Research has shown that those who suffer from these disorders deny or often exaggerate the reasons they

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