Emotional Analysis Of Extra Gum Commercial

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On October 7th, 2016 Extra gum released their commercial. This commercial incorporated the love story of Sara and Juan with their product. That same week the video went out, it went viral and received over 7 million YouTube views and 78 million Facebook views. Extra gum persuades their audience to purchase their product in many tactics. The main tactic Extra gum uses to persuade their audience and reel them in is through pathos and the many emotions it comes with. Nonetheless, viewers can’t get enough of the romance and love in which the commercial portrays.
When viewers first view the commercial, they are introduced with the song “Can’t Help Falling In love” by Haley Reinhart. This song automatically intrigues some viewers who have a
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He surprises her with a small type of museum that involves only the gum wrappers that she had given to him, placed in frames hanging on the wall; and on each wrapper, there are small drawling’s that are the moments when he received the gum from Sara. Once she gets to the last frame of their timeline of gum wrappers, it is of him proposing to her. She then freezes and slowly turns around and finds him kneeling down proposing to her. As a result, this creates many emotions that can leave the audience in tears. Once the scene is over, it ends with the quote “#GiveExtraGetExtra” Thus, implying that if you put more into the relationship, you get more. In the long run, this can relate to more than just love, but life, school, and anything that requires …show more content…
They chose the perfect song to enhance the audience emotions, a perfect setting that anyone can relate to in a positive or non-positive way, the perfect couple that leaves the audience “gaga” over their relation. Ultimately, they grab the attention of their audience, create a connection and emotion with the audience, all in all still selling their product. As can be seen in the commercial, the gum was not the main attraction in the commercial, but it still played a big role in the whole plot of the story. In code, Extra gum told their audience to buy their product, by not actually saying it in the commercial, more as demonstrating that if you give extra, you get

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